Healthy Mouth Healthy Body!

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As diet and exercise are key to keeping our bodies health, a healthy mouth is just as important for our well-being.

Poor oral health can affect quality of life. Tooth and gum pain, missing teeth, gum disease, oral infections and/or bad breath can influence the way we speak, eat and socialize. Oral disease, just like any other disease, needs to be treated as soon as possible so that it does not get worse or irreversible. Bleeding or sensitive gums should not be overlooked. Be sure to visit your dentist or periodontist if you are experiencing the above.

Steps to keeping your mouth healthy:

  • Keep your mouth clean with proper brushing and flossing
  • Check your mouth regularly
  • Eat well balanced healthy meals
  • Visit your dentist and periodontist regularly
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco

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